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Munich Tango Weekend 2022

20th May - 22nd May 2022

Come and join us at a beautiful Tango weekend in Munich, Germany.
With Barbara Ferreyra and Agustin Agnez, Tango World Champions 2021

Bürgersaal Fürstenried, Züricher Str. 35, 81476 München



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 Fr. 20/05/22: 

19:00h - 20:15h: Workshop I with Barbara Ferreyra & Agustin Agnez

20:30h -0:30h: Milonga 

Workshop titels & description below

Tango Festival, Tango Marathon, Tango Workshop, Tango Weekend Munich, Tango München

Sat. 21/05/22:

16:00h - 17:15h: Workshop II  with Barbara Ferreyra & Agustin Agnez 

17:30h - 18:45h: Workshop III  with Barbara Ferreyra & Agustin Agnez 

19:00h - 20:15h: Workshop IV with Barbara Ferreyra & Agustin Agnez

20:30h - 1:30h: Gala Milonga with Tango Show by the Champions
DJ Baki Vertiola


Workshop titels & description below 

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 Sun. 22/05/22

15:00h - 16:15h: Followers Technique with Barbara,
16:30h - 17:45h: Leaders Technique with Agustin,
18:00h - 19:15h: Workshop VII Barbara Ferreryra & Agustin Agnez

19:30h - 23:30h: Milonguita 


Workshop titels & description below 

Workshop titles

Workshop I:

How to dance tradicional Tango milonguero style - get inspired by original steps from Buenos Aires (Tango, intermediate)

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In this workshops Barbara & Agustin will show us some tango steps, which are original and tradional steps, invented by the old milongueros of Buenos Aires, and how they are danced to in the Milongas of Buneos Aires.

Workshop II: 

Efficient techniques for elegant walking  and turnings (Tango, intermediate)

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In this Worksop you will learn tricks and techniques by Barbara and Agustin to improve your walkings (caminadas) and your turnings (giros) in an easy and efficient way. You will work over your own body but also over the connection with your partner.

Workshop III: 

Milonga porteña - lovely sequence and how to enjoy it by musical interpretation (Milonga, intermediate)

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Using  a sweet Milonga criolla sequence Barbara and Agustin will show you in this workshop, how to enjoy the step and the whole milonga together with your partner by musical interpretation.

Workshop IV: 

Give your turns a valsy twist: How to play with different rythms and the flexible embrace. (Vals, intermediate)

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1, 2, 3... 1, 2, 3... round and round... In this workshops Barbara and Agustin will work with you, how you can make your vals even more valsy and how to achieve this by using different rythms and a dynamic, flexible and stable embrace.

Workshop V: 

Follower´s Technique with Barbara (For ladies and gentleman) (all levels)

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In this technique workshop you will work over your own technique. Barbara will share with you her profound knowledge about followers technique; how to use your axis and your own rythm, how to use your upper body for a better connection and many more.

For this Workshop you don´t need a partner. Both, ladies and gentlemen wellcome!

Workshop VI: 

Leaders Technique with Agustin (For gentlemen and ladies) (all levels)

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In this technique workshop you will work over your own technique. Agustin will share with you his deep knowledge about leaders technique; how to use your axis and the rythm of the music to communicate better, how to use your upper body for a better connection and many more.

For this Workshop you don´t need a partner. Both, gentlemen and ladies wellcome!

Workshop VII: 

How to improve musical interpretation by changes of dynamic in more complex sequences (Tango, advanced)

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How can you easily improve a complex sequence, by taking care of a nice musical interpretation and some changes of the dynamics within the sequence. When should you to a certain part of the sequence within the music and in which moments should you change the dynamic and how will you do so? This is what you will learn in this workshop with Barbara and Agustin.

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The Maestros

Barbara Ferreyra & Agustin Agnez

Tango World Champions 2021 - Tango de Pista

Barbara and Agustin won the latest version of the official Tango World Championship in BsAs. They are known for their social and intimate style of dancing. Besides of that, they are loved by the people for their kind and happy way of being and their great knowledge and engagement for the whole Tango culture.

About Barbara:
Barbara is an argentinian professional dancer and teacher of Tango and argetine Folk Dance. She lives in Buenos Aires since 2010 and dances Tango since 2001. In her career she made countless exhibitions in renowed milongas, festivals and prestigious "Casas de Tango" (Tango Dinner Shows) in Buenos Aires and thoughout Argentina. Since 2011 she is also reguarly touring through Europe, Asia and South America. By participating in the Tango World Championship, she already made it 10 times to the finals. She furthermore won the first place in the Tango reality show "Tango Champs" and became Tango World Champion of Tango de Pista in 2021, together with her partner Agustin Agnez. 

About Agustin:
The argentinian professional dancer and teacher of Tango and argentine Folk Dance started his training with only 10 years old, doing Tango, argentine Folk Dance, Jazz Dance, Contemporary Dance and Ballet.
He has worked in the most important shows and "Casas de Tango" in Buenos Aires, like "La Ventana" among others. His international dance career started in the Tango Musical "Tanguera", where he worked for 10 years in the most emblemic theaters of Europe, Asia and America.
He has been a member of the jury of the sub-venues of the Tango World Cup and Metropolitan championship of Buenos Aires City.
Agustin is furthermore the creator of the Tango dance company "La Clandestina Tango Danza".
Together with his partner Barbara Ferreyra he won the Tango World Championship in 2021. 

The DJs

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Federico Suarez

Federico Suarez, born in Buenos Aires and grewn up in Germany. Since his first Tango steps he felt deeply in love with it‘s music. Since he also is a professional Tango dancer, as a TDJ he follows two simple rules: First, he plays for the dancers.; second, his songs need to touch him in some way emotionally. His tandas are either from the old maestros or from modern orchestras that play traditionally. When Federico is your DJ, the dancefloor will be full for sure!

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Baki Vertiola

Baki is an internationally recognized tango DJ. With his positive energy he gives every milonga the shine of a party. When he hangs up, you just want to dance every tanda.
Whether rhythmic, dramatic or modern - sensitive interaction with the dancers and spontaneity are his recipe for success for a music selection that inspires. Tango mood guaranteed.


to be announced

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Milonga Friday: 10€
Gala Milonga Saturday: 17€ (incl. Show)
Milonguita Sunday: 10€

Milonga Full Pass: 35€

Workshops  (& Technique Classes):

1 Workshop  :   35€
2 Workshops:   65€
3 Workshops:   90€
4 Workshops: 115€
5 Workshops: 140€
6 Workshops: 160€
7 Workshops: 175€

Premium Full Pass (All Milongas and all Workshops): 199€

10% Early bird discount, for tickets bought (and paid) until 8th of April.
Please note: refund of tickets only until 6th May.

10% Tango Partner App discount, for everyone who has a Tango Partner App account and sends (before 20 May!) his/her interes in the event there.

Discounts are not combinable.


Please register for the Workshops and the Milongas in advance, for easier planning.

Tickets for the Milongas can also be purchased at the box office the same day at the venue.

For Workshops the registration in advance is obligatory.
Technique classes can be taken without a partner. For Workshops we recommend registration with a partner. Please contact us, if you couldn´t find anyone so far or use the Tango Partner App to connect with other Tanguer@s.  In the App simply click on the Munich Tango Weekend under "Festivals and more" and then on "interest and connect" and the app will show you other interested participants, with whom you can get in touch.

The Vanue

The Munich Tango Weekend will take place in the
Buergersaal Fuerstenried
Zuericher Strasse 35
81476 Munich

How to get there:

By car:
Parking garage at the same address & parking places in the street

By public transport:
Take the metro line U3 (organge line) until Forstenrieder Allee
(Prices, schedules and connections of the mvg)

In Munich you also have the possibility to go by Taxi (quiet expansive) by Uber (more economic) or by renting a bicycle or scooter.

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Zustimmen & anzeigen

Tango Shoes by Tango Leike

All three days you will be able to check out the beautiful shoes of Tango Leike. Handmade, high-quality shoes, individually designed for you!
Their super soft and ergonomic inlays make every Tango foot happy.
Besides of shoes, Tango Leike will also bring lovely cloths.
Take a look already at the Tango Leike Homepage!

Tango Cloths by Costume Couture Berlin

All three days you will be able to check out the beautiful cloths by Costume Couture Berlin. Lovely desgined unique Tango Cloths.
Take a look already at the Costume Courture Homepage!

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Bild:  © Thomas Wolf, www.foto-tw.de (CC BY-SA 3.0 DE)


The beautiful bavarian state capital is worth a trip on its own. And on top of that we have a whole weekend full of tango, what more could you ask for!
The weather in Munich in May is (usually) spring-like, sunny and warm with temperatures around 21°C. However, you can also be unlucky... so we do not guarantee good weather.
If you have some time for sightseeing besides all the tango, be sure to check out the town hall ("new town hall") at Marienplatz, in the beautiful Gothic style. You should definitely see the famous carillon there!

Accommodation options in Munich:
We recommend a hotel that is on the U3 subway line. The closest to the venue are:
- Agate Hotel Munich South
- Grand Hotel Palladium
- Prahofer Hotel Grani

Of course there are also Air BnBs in Munich
Or check the Tango Partner App to see if anyone has a room available